Personal Protective Equipment


Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) constitutes all the protective garments and equipment that workers use to protect themselves from infection or injury while at work. Depending on the hazards associated with a particular workplace, the workers should dress appropriately to keep themselves safe.

However, you should know that PPE does not eliminate the hazards, but ensures that the workers remain productive and safe. Hetech Solutions Pte Ltd is a trusted supplier of PPE in Singapore. Let us begin by showing you the benefits of PPE to the workers and the employer.

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Benefits of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) To The Workers

Reduced Risk of Injury

When a worker dresses in appropriate protective clothes, there is less risk that they will get injured. Helmets, earplugs, protective shoes, and eye-protective equipment are some of the PPE that will keep you safe from injury as a worker.

Conformity with The Legal Requirements

You are required by law to adorn PPE that is appropriate for your workplace. In case of an accident or an occupational illness, you will be covered by the law if you were wearing your PPE, but if you were not, then you bear the liability, even if you did not cause the accident or exposure to illness-causing hazards.

Reduced Risk of Infection

Industrial chemicals, particulate matter, and microbial contaminants like bacteria, viruses, pollen, molds, and fungi pose a risk of infection to people working in environments where they are present. Wearing appropriate PPE will protect you from respiratory infections such as asthma, tuberculosis, pneumonitis, and asbestosis, or other life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and lung disease.

Reduced Cost of Medication

You will save on your medical bills if you or your employees use personal protective equipment (PPE) appropriately since you will fall ill and suffer injuries less frequently.

Benefits of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) To The Employer

Reduced Absenteeism and Compensation Claims

When your workers are safe and healthy, they will work for more days and you will have fewer injuries and sickness compensation claims.

Reduced Worker Performance

If your workers feel exposed to workplace accidents and illness-causing hazards, they will not be in the right frame of mind to fully concentrate on their work. As a result, they will be less productive.

Legal Compliance

You will not get into trouble with health and safety inspectors if you facilitate your workers to have PPE. Ensure that they are using the PPE appropriately as some may have them but ignore to use them.

Less Damage to Your Reputation

A high number of workplace injuries and illnesses will damage your reputation as an organization.

Types of Personal Protective Equipments

Face Shields

If you wear a face shield, it will keep you from touching your face and keeps your mask from external getting contaminated. You will also protect your eyes from contamination from droplets that may cause life-threatening infections. You can wear a face shield with your mask, but you cannot replace the mask with a face shield.

Face shields are appropriate for boosting the effectiveness of a mask, but if you wear the shield on its own, you are at more risk of spreading or picking an infection as it leaves a gap between your face and the shield.

PPE Face Shield
PPE Face Mask

Face Masks

When you wear your face mask correctly, you reduce your chances of infection from microbial contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and Fungi. If you are in a highly contaminated environment such as a healthcare facility, you are advised to use a highly effective N95 or Surgical mask as they have a higher ability to screen particulate matter.

However, if your environment is not highly contaminated, or if you cannot access a surgical or N95 mask, a cloth mask will give you some significant protection from droplets that may infect you.

Note that your mask will serve you well only if you are wearing it correctly and combining it with other health care directives. People with breathing difficulties, children below two years, and those who cannot remove or wear masks unaided should not use face masks.

Safety Goggles, Spectacles, And Eye Shields

When working in an environment with a risk of splashing substances, welding, or lasers, or if you are using gas, you should wear these PPEs to protect your eyes. They are made of strong plastic and cover the eyes from the front, sides underneath and above, giving you complete protection. They are comfortable, and you can wear them over your prescription glasses.

PPE Safety Goggle
Personal Protective Equipment Gloves

Gloves And Wrist Cuff Armlets

There are latex, leather, plastic-coated, or nitrile gloves appropriate for different workplaces. You should use them to protect your hands from injury or contamination if you are working with contaminants such as body fluids and chemicals.

Also, if you are using sharp, abrasive, or pointed objects, or if you are touching hot or cold substances, wearing gloves will keep your hands safe. Wrist cuff armlets are used when you are handling and cutting glass.

Safety Boots, Wellington Boots, And Anti-Static & Conductive Shoes

To protect your feet, you should wear foot protection equipment. They are made to keep you safe from slips, static electricity, and injuries from falling heavy objects, chemicals, and bites. They are ideal if you are working on a construction site, slippery surfaces, extremely cold or hot surfaces, or if you are handling chemicals that may spill on your feet.

Also, if you are working in a forest or bushy place, wearing safety footwear will keep you from bites from snakes, spiders, or other harmful insects.

PPE Safety Boots
PPE Safety Clothing

Overalls, Coveralls, And Aprons

These PPEs will protect you from hazardous substances such as body fluids, contaminated splashes, and chemicals. For them to protect you effectively they should be made of the right materials and you should wear them correctly.

Depending on the potential hazard, you may need to change them several in a day. Some, like aprons, are washable and reusable, but some are for single-use and should be disposed of correctly to prevent them from spreading infections.

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